Yaacov Heller Gallery 22 Website

Yaacov Heller is a sculptor whose work can only be described as “treasures”. Massive Impressions created a brand new website for Mr Heller, invited produce the site by Eric Klien Productions. This site is among the first that use our new product: Art Gallery Plugin.

Like all good artist and gallery sites, making it easy for the owners and people doing the curation was critical. Yaacov wasn’t too sure he wanted a website, but a patron of his was encouraging him to do it. Massive Impressions started out Yaacov’s site with 20 pieces uploaded to get Yaacov started. Within no time, and a little training from Massive Impressions, Yaacov learned how to upload and curate his own pieces.

We also configured a third-party plugin into the site for him that allows automatic social sharing of links to new works, as they are added.

Eric Klien Productions shot and edited the video featured in the site. George Dubec, the Ultimate Networker, led the layout of the homepage. About a dozen pieces have video segments that feature Yaacov describing what the piece is about. In Yaacov’s site the bust he created of Benjamin Ferencz, a Nuremberg Prosecutor and Yaacov’s mentor, is featured. There’s also a video of Yaacov and Benjamin talking, in the Garden of Humanity that Yaacov designed, on that same web page.

This site was a privilege to develop and have as a showcase site for demonstrating the potential of Art Gallery Plugin.

Yaacov Heller owns Gallery 22 in Boca Raton, FL. His work features sculptures, paintings, jewelry and statues in public places.

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Visit yaacovheller.com to see the site design live.

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