Content Marketing Challenge: Staying True to Your Words

The war for search engine rank might not be over, but at least it’s clear now that Content Marketing is winning. While that’s a wonderful thing for marketers who never gave up on producing valuable content, content with the audience’s experience in mind, it certainly doesn’t diminish the challenge. Content marketing seems exciting at first, and sometimes you’re lucky enough to get a client with exciting content.

Unfortunately not everyone who has business goals also has excitement as a resource they can leverage; sometimes the content at hand is quite boring and monotonous. That’s when content marketing separates the weak from the strong, it rewards those who can stay true to their words.

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mi360 - our software for managing advertising campaigns

The Improvement of Usability

Mi360 is a relational database system. This means modeling the real world as closely as possible and remaining adaptable for changes to meet future needs. We get a lot of value by creating reports from Mi360’s data, reports that yield usable conclusions. These reports give us the answers to complex marketing problems presented in the language of marketing experts. So the benefit of having your marketing data in a relational database system is the cornucopia of conclusions that it yields.

The problem with relational database systems that have many inter dependencies is that they tend to be cumbersome and unusable. The situations that need to be recorded are events and observations that need to be categorized. To do that the category has to exist ahead of time. And if that category was a subcategory or child of another level of data then the primary objects need to be recorded first before the event can be recorded as belonging to the appropriate category. So for most relational database systems you’ve got to set up all of your parent records first, entering them in their management windows, and then recording  live events in their own window. This opening and closing of windows is distracting, time consuming, and cumbersome.

Mi360 had, in its first iteration, many “add on the fly” features that made it highly usable for one purpose: recording ad buy properties while you’re on the phone with the ad vendor. This meant that if a new tactic or publication needed to be defined, because it wasn’t in the pick-list, the tactic or publication could be added on the fly without closing the order entry window. Everyone loved it and it made recording new ad buys very fast.

Then when we migrated to the new Mi360 interface we initially migrated the basic functionality but didn’t migrate the usability features. This mean opening and closing windows in a clunky way that felt downright wrong because we had all become spoiled by the ease of use


Twitter Marketing Strategy: Why You Can’t Tweet Too Much

Recently, one of our colleague’s clients lodged a complaint to her “When I look at my Twitter feed all I see is our company posts – we are Tweeting too much!”.  We both groaned aloud when she shared this input with me, as it’s a common misconception that too many tweets is a bad thing.  Just the opposite.

Twitter is a Crowded Place

Twitter is crowded, and people are not particularly selective about who they follow, or how many people they follow.  As a result, where I may have 100 friends on Facebook, and know each one of them – I have over 1,000 people I’m following on Twitter, and all but a handful are total stranger.  Why you ask?  Because Twitter is, from our perspective at Massive

Social Media Brand Ambassador

Does Your Company Need Social Media Brand Ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors are all the rage, particularly with companies selling consumer targeted products and services, but have you heard about digital ambassadors or social media ambassadors.  Essentially it means hiring someone who “embodies” your brand and is charged with promoting it. Early on, brand ambassadors were generally celebrities hired as spokespeople.  Brand ambassadors can also be attractive models at conventions to lure in booth visitors, or well respected industry leaders hired to speak at events and on news programs to represent a company or organization.

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