guaranteed seo

Guaranteed SEO: What exactly do they mean?

Yesterday I had a telemarketer call me and try to sell me “Guaranteed SEO.” For about a half  hour on the phone the call was escalated between three tiers of their sales experts. I finally learned what the term meant. It didn’t mean what you might think it means. It certainly didn’t mean what someone in need of real SEO would want it to mean. It meant something completely backwards and contrary to anything a discriminating customer would want. Let me tell you about how it went down.

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make better brand loyalty

Does misfortune make better brand loyalty?

When something bad happens to a company, to a brand, does that misfortune contribute to brand loyalty? This is the question we were asking ourselves here at Massive Impressions Online Marketing. We know that people use brands to express themselves. Brand loyalty is sometimes displayed as a token to define identity. But what happens when something bad happens to a brand, a venue, a property, or just even a single store? Does that make better brand loyalty or do people disassociate from the brand as a result? We have to know.