Hosting Clients Migrating to Newer, Faster Servers

The difference between Massive Impressions and other web hosts is that we configure our infrastructure for maximum results.  The marketing campaigns we manage depend on nothing less than the best performance, best quality service. Our servers are where we conduct our own marketing campaigns. Our results would suffer if we used less than the best. We’re dependent on these services being the best because we’re a consumer, just like our clients.

Our servers are faster than industry average.

We don’t skimp when it comes to providing the highest quality hosting services to our clients. Speed and reliability are critical, not just to maintaining a positive customer experience, but also when it comes to ranking on Google Search pages.  In order to keep our clients ahead of the competition we’re migrating to greener pastures: we’re moving to faster web servers.

Earlier this year we improved the technology we’re using to serve websites. This was in response to the industry reacting to Google’s requirements for what defines a well performing site. Google expects sites to be fast, error free, mobile friendly and configured with layers of technology that most Internet users never have to consider: compression, caching, content expiration and other obscure elements of  the way web servers communicate with browsers. Since we’ve implemented the technology to meet these new requirements we’ve seen an increase in traffic from Google. This is good. It means our efforts paid off. We’re continuing in that direction.

There are many solutions recommended to us; we use what’s certain to perform.

When it comes to choosing which technologies to implement, particularly when it comes to choosing how aggressively we implement new technologies, we always aim to stay ahead of our competition, but not get too experimental. We often wait before recommending and offering new protocols, for example CloudLinux or leveraging the Google Cloud. We’ve been experimenting with alternate hosts and hosting environments, new hosting modalities, but what we offer to our clients is what we’ve tested and have six-sigma confidence in.

Hardware hasn’t stopped improving and we’ve noticed our competition getting faster. We can’t let them get ahead of us – We’ve got to stay ahead of them! So now we’re pro-actively improving our hardware setup to help you keep ahead of your competition. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd of Feb, we will begin migrating accounts over to our new servers.

This migration process should be seamless and should not present any interruptions or be noticeable in terms of impacting visitor numbers.

The only difference in service is that new IP addresses will be assigned to the new servers. Nameservers will remain the same. There’s nothing you need to do. However…. 

If you were connecting to the server using an IP address instead of a domain name you will need to use the new IP address instead of the old one. The old server may respond at the old IP address for some time after the migration has occurred, but only if you’re connecting to it through the IP address instead of the domain name.

If you notice any changes to services expected from your domain, please contact us.

Our new servers are multi-core E5 processors and have 64 Gig  RAM.  This is over 4x faster than our current servers, but for the most part all other factors will remain the same. The sites will still be served from RAID 1 drives. We’re using the same operating system, albeit a more upgraded version. We’re using the same software to deliver services, but with all new, faster versions that take advantage of the newer hardware and operating system version. No compatibility issues are expected, only better performance and reliability.

We expect this migration process to be completed before March 1st. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

If you have any questions, please call (561) 232-2424 or email