Hurricane IRMA Update

Hurricane IRMA is due to strike Florida over this weekend. Although we’re located in the center of the cone still, we don’t expect interruptions in our online services. We’re ready to help our clients with notices and special instructions for customers and employees if needed.

We will be up and running through Hurricane IRMA and beyond. Our servers are not in Florida or anywhere exclusive to the East Coast. There’s no need to worry about interruptions for your website.

We’ll be answering email but may not be able to answer or return phone calls. Leave a message on (561) 232-2424 if needed and we’ll reply ASAP, but email is best for more immediate reply.

Many in the effected area will have internet access, Email access, and the ability to check websites, but may not have their phones restored. Let us know if you need your site updated or help reaching a list of email addresses before or after the storm.

Let your customers know when you’ll be available and how to contact you. Customers will be asking when you’re closing, when you’re re-opening and what your hours will be. Using your website is good for coordinating employees and reaching out the community. Let us know if you need help to get us through Hurricane IRMA.

Stay safe.