A local doctor needed a refresh of his website. So we did a Broward Website Redesign.

This is the homepage of the CardioMender Weight Loss Website. We did a website redesign of an earlier implementation of WordPress. It involved leveraging the template called Avada, and doing only minor configurations to achieve the look and feel displayed below. The rainbow motif that defines the brand’s look and feel was maintained throughout this web design.

Because we were migrating from one WordPress theme to another, there was a lot of code cleanup and layout repositioning done. WordPress might allow easy migration of content from one instance to the next, but if that content was designed with features exclusive to a particular theme, then there needs to be a bit of layout adjusting for the content to look right in a theme being migrated to.

Broward Website Redesign – Home Page Design

broward website redesign homepage

Broward Website Redesign – Sub Page Design

broward website redesign subpage

The Products Index Page of the new web design is shown below. We’re using photographic elements as icons to represent the different types of weight loss products the doctor sells. The end result is a design that looks as good as it is functional. Those food icons make people want to click on them so much more than just words alone. The colors were chosen carefully to balance as a set and be in harmony with the other colors in the site design. We took a similar approach with the site’s Recipes section.

One element that drives the effectiveness of the CardioMenderMD site is the presence of testimonials. There are many different types of real-person endorsements that are in the site, pictures of Before and After results, video testimonials and written testimonials. These tactics are great for keeping visitors on site and improving their confidence in the brand. There are more than a dozen different videos of people who are excited about the weight they lost and how it’s making them feel today.

Broward Website Redesign Presents Unique Challenges

Redesigning an existing website that’s already got established SEO traction is a bigger challenge than creating a new website from scratch. This is because Google has already indexed the URLs, the webpage addresses, and is sending visitors to those pages, or counting those pages towards the domain’s traction as a whole. Disturbing those pages, and not approaching the migration correctly can cause more losses than gains. We took special pains to make sure we addressed all of the migration issues that can impact SEO.

CardioMender, M.D. Weight Loss Specialists is South Florida’s most trusted medically supervised weight loss program.

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