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Personal Web Sites – Showcasing Your Identity

personal identity blog

Joanie Courtney

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Here is an example of one of the personal blog sites we’ve created for an individual. This personal identity blog was created for Joanie Courtney, an Staffing and Recruiting industry expert. Joanie regularly appears on network news shows to provide insight into national employment trends. She’s appeared on MSNBC, Fox Business, and CNN to discuss current job statistics and future projections.

This blog design showcases Joanie and the appearances she makes. It provides a place to share insights, announce events and let visitors see some of Joanie’s television appearances. Links to her social media presences and contact information are featured throughout the site. Like many other personal blog sites we’ve enabled our clients with, Joanie uses hers to connect and network. It has her crucial contact information on it. Social media share buttons allow easy social media sharing for both visitors and Joanie herself.

The blog uses WordPress and the Styx theme. Our implementation features embedded video, contact forms and social media integration.