PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from CustodyEvent
abstractText An abstract is a short description that summarizes an CustodyEvent
accessibilityHazardText A characteristic of the described resource that is physiologically dangerous to some users. Related to WCAG 2.0 guideline 2.3 (WebSchemas wiki lists possible values).
encodingMediaObject A media object that encodes this CreativeWork. This property is a synonym for associatedMedia. Supersedes encodings.
encodingFormatText  or
Media type typically expressed using a MIME format (see IANA site and MDN reference) e.g. application/zip for a SoftwareApplication binary, audio/mpeg for .mp3 etc.).

In cases where a AnalysisSample has several media type representations, encoding can be used to indicate each MediaObject alongside particular encodingFormat information.

Unregistered or niche encoding and file formats can be indicated instead via the most appropriate URL, e.g. defining Web page or a Wikipedia/Wikidata entry. Supersedes fileFormat.
exchangeLocationPostalAddress or GeoCoordinates  or
GeoShape  or
Organization  or
Person  or
Place or VirtualLocation
Specifies the place, address, geolocaiton where the receipt of the StorageContainer was taken.
keywordsDefinedTerm  or
Text  or
Keywords or tags used to describe this AnalysisSample. Multiple entries in a keywords list are typically delimited by commas.
packageConditionTextSpecifies a description of the package's condition that an AnalysisSample StorageContainer
parameterOfInterest Substance or CreativeWorkText Specifies a parameter being tested for. Can be an analyte (i.e. Benzene, SARS-Cov-2 RNA) or measurment of a property (pH, alkalinity, viscosity) or referene published CreativeWork (analytical method)
storageContainerStorageContainer  Specifies a single container holding a portion of an AnalysisSample or multiple containers possibly representing other AnalysisSamples
storageLocationPostalAddress or GeoCoordinates  or
GeoShape  or
Organization  or
Person  or
Specifies the final location or person that the StorageContainer ends up when the CustodyEvent is executed
receiptTemperatureMeasuredParameterSpecifies the measured temperature during receipt of the package or StorageContainer
receivingCustodianPerson Specifies who received the StorageContainer
sdPublisherOrganization  or
Indicates the party responsible for generating and publishing the current structured data markup, typically in cases where the structured data is derived automatically from existing published content but published on a different site. For example, student projects and open data initiatives often re-publish existing content with more explicitly structured metadata. The sdPublisher property helps make such practices more explicit.
textText The textual content of this CreativeWork.
thumbnailUrlURL A thumbnail image relevant to the Analytical Sample
videoClip  or
An video object that bears record of the presence or nature of the AnalyticalSample
Properties from Event
additionalTypeURL An additional type for the item, typically used for adding more specific types from external vocabularies in microdata syntax. This is a relationship between something and a class that the thing is in. In RDFa syntax, it is better to use the native RDFa syntax - the 'typeof' attribute - for multiple types. tools may have only weaker understanding of extra types, in particular those defined externally.
alternateNameText An alias for the item.
descriptionText A description of the item.
disambiguatingDescriptionText A sub property of description. A short description of the item used to disambiguate from other, similar items. Information from other properties (in particular, name) may be necessary for the description to be useful for disambiguation.
identifierPropertyValue  or
Text  or
The identifier property represents any kind of identifier for any kind of Thing, such as ISBNs, GTIN codes, UUIDs etc. provides dedicated properties for representing many of these, either as textual strings or as URL (URI) links. See background notes for more details.
imageImageObject  or
An image of the item. This can be a URL or a fully described ImageObject.
mainEntityOfPageCreativeWork  or
Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described. See background notes for details.
Inverse property: mainEntity.
nameText The name of the item.
startDateDate  or
The start date and time of the item (in ISO 8601 date format).
endDateDate  or
The end date and time of the item (in ISO 8601 date format).
urlURL URL of the item.


A UTM Tube containing a swab was picked up at at 7:10 PM by a field sampling driver named Howard DeClerc. He placed it in his van’s freezer compartment at 7:20. The temperature of the freezer compartment was recorded to be -12 C at that time.