Proposed Structured Data Schemas for Scientific Samples & Laboratory Analysis Data

A precise laboratory language for AI to comprehend and an easier standard for the comprehension of developers.

The specifications for handling laboratory analysis data are represented here using structured data. A set of schemas that establish a universal language for communicating laboratory data are being refined by Massive Impressions. Unlike HL7, which is intended for communicating healthcare data, this standardized language is intended to more-inclusively cover forensic, clinical, and environmental laboratory data as well.

These Proposed Schemas are as follows:

When samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis, each sample instance requires its own data set that includes its StorageContainer(s), CustodyEvent(s), Parameter(s)OfInterest, and MeasuredParameter(s).

AnalysisSamples are stored inside containers. A single AnalysisSample may be contained in one or more StorageContainers, each with unique preservative or features apart from the others.

When AnalysisSamples are exchanged between individuals the custody of the filled StorageContainers need to be tracked and recorded. When this occurs, the event of exchanging filled containers is called a custody event.

Parameters that need to be determined in an AnalysisSample are most often indicated before the AnalysisSample arrives at the lab.

This defines data  from direct measurement of an Analysis Sample, as a result of a request to analyze a ParamaterOfInterest or to record a storageCondition of a StorageContainer.

This framework is being integrated into a product, soon to be released and licensed through, called WPSampleManager. It is intended to allow laboratories of all sizes to equip a LIMS system rapidly and with little cost. Relying on WordPress, this product will be released as a Plugin, allowing companies to integrate it with existing websites or install it in novel instances easily, quickly, and with low maintenance costs. WPSampleManager is an open source product.

Why is LIMS on WordPress valuable?

An instance of WordPress, hosted remotely costs as little as $10/month.  WordPress can also be installed on a Windows based computer using the freeware XAMPP platform. The skill level to deploy WordPress has already been exercised by millions of people around the World today.

WPSampleManager, an easy-to-install WordPress Plugin, will facilitate a level of interoperability that the LIMS/LIS industry has never had before, presenting its recorded data using Structured Data, XML, and via RESTapi in either secured or open modes. Artificial intelligence will “understand” lab data in a manner that has never been available before. Support for WPSampleManager, feature requests, update details and suggestions for it use should be directed to its Support Forum.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a tentative set of schemas, being refined and improved upon currently, and has not been adopted by community at this time. Therefore their status should be considered “suggested” or “pre-pending”. It’s published here on for the purpose of generating feedback, improvements and refinements, both from the LIMS/LIS community and the Schema.Org community. Massive Impressions makes no claims here about the suitability of these proposed schemas – use them at your own risk.

About Massive Impressions and Jason Pelish

Massive Impressions is an online marketing company in Boca Raton, FL, run by Jason Pelish. In addition to designing marketing strategies for F500 companies, Massive Impressions produces and sells direct-to-consumer marketing technologies. Jason Pelish is the principal architect of technology products produced by and through Massive Impressions.

Technology products produced by Massive Impressions include: Mi360, a marketing information management system; Business Listing Manager, a WordPress Plugin for maintaining business directories using structured data; RBIQ Plugin, a job listing content management plugin for a partner company, Digital Infusion; Art Gallery Plugin, a WordPress Plugin for publishing artist and artwork pages using structured data; and  RSS News Aggregator, a WordPress Plugin that uses a cybernetic aggregation strategy called selective curation. Other unannounced technologies are being developed currently, but WPSampleManager is a current priority for near-term release.  Massive Impressions also produces and hosts white-labeled technologies, mainly leveraging the WordPress CMS platform and PHP frameworks.

Jason Pelish is a veteran of the LIMS industry. His work, as Product Manager of STARLIMS, allowed the product to penetrate the United States Public Health market, being adopted by the CDC and State Public Health Departments across the country in the early years after the turn of the century. Contributions he designed and oversaw development for allow tractability of materials and the automated scoring of laboratory results by a system known as SPEC SCHEMAS, developed in 2002. By synergizing many years of laboratory experience, a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, and decades of programming experience, he brought to the table a unique ability to understand laboratory challenges and meet them using n-tier, multi-user, database driven interfaces. Questions and concerns about these schemas can be addressed in comments below, on the individual schema pages,  or by contacting Massive Impressions directly at


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