Online Advertising Agency Sets New Standards as an Alternative to the Traditional Advertising Agency

Boca Raton, Florida – Massive Impressions, an online advertising agency specializing in interactive media buying, planning and strategy is announcing its launch as an alternative to the traditional ad agency. Marketing industry veteran Lisa Pelish is re-branding Pelish Marketing, established in 2003, to better reflect the company’s focus on filling the online marketing niche that traditional ad agencies have ignored.


“Having worked in an advertising agency environment, and as a marketing director for corporate America, I realized many of my colleagues were experiencing the same frustrations as I was when dealing with their agencies. They are not receiving the customer service they deserve, nor the accountability and proactive advice on alternatives and options.”

Pelish identified a clear need for a new agency model , “Clients deserve more accountability, senior-level expertise and time, and better customer service from their ad agency.”

In a time when most agencies are owned by one of three giant corporations, Massive Impressions has the independence and freedom to be creative, the talent to produce original campaigns, the know-how to give strategic advice and the time for personal attention.

Another significant Massive Impressions differentiator: performance based advertising campaigns. Using a proprietary reporting system, Massive Impressions is able to track every campaign, produce meaningful reports and let clients see performance in real time. “Very few organizations have a handle on how their campaigns, either individually or as a whole, are performing. Without good tracking, reporting and analytics, marketers can’t make informed decisions or demonstrate ROI.”

Massive Impressions’ system, MI360°, is the first campaign tracking, production and analysis system designed by marketers, for marketers. Clients have online access to every detail of their advertising campaign: Every impression is tracked; every dollar spent is accounted for.

“We understand what information marketers need, how they want to see it, and how they will use it,” Pelish says. But Massive Impressions also understands that although marketers know what they want, they need the best software engineer to make the ideal marketer’s tracking and analysis system a reality.

Massive Impressions’ software and database experts have been working on web based technology projects for major organizations before and through the era. One major success was developing a web-enabled satellite pay-per view purchasing system for The Box, a video music network acquired by MTV in 1998. Leveraging vast experience with the latest web technologies, Massive Impressions is shifting the marketing software industry from yesterday’s impossibility to tomorrow’s new standard.

This combination of marketing and technology expertise enables Massive Impressions to select the right mix of media – online media, wireless messaging, social media, search engine marketing, viral marketing, and traditional print and broadcast media –based on client goals, market conditions and changing trends, and to utilize world-class tracking and analysis capabilities to knowledgably guide clients.

About Massive Impressions
Massive Impressions is an online advertising agency, specializing in integrated media planning, media buying and campaign analysis. We provide our clients with online marketing, online creative development, digital pr and search engine marketing support.

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