Web Based Marketing Technologies

Massive Impressions creates and sells, direct to consumer, web based marketing technologies. These include WordPress Plugins, Subscription based SaaS Applications, and technologies around Open Standards.

WordPress Plugins

Massive Impressions has been creating Plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla since 2012. Some we brand ourselves – others we will white-label for our partners. We sell and license our WordPress products on shop.massiveimpressions.com. See what we’ve got cooking now!

Art Gallery Plugin

RSS News Aggregator

Business Listing Plugin

SaaS Applications

Mi360 – Marketing Information Management System

Open Standards

Structured Data for AnalysisSamples

Structured Data for Artists

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We focus lots of our effort on metrics for businesses and brands. We have not yet collected Personal Profile data with any of the apps we've built. Learn more about the extent of your personal data apps have access to in Facebook.
Taking advantage of Location Based Social Media is one of the perks that comes along with having a business with a commercial address.