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Structured Data Marketing - Content Marketing for AI

Structured Data Marketing

Structured Data Marketing is to yesterday’s online marketing like yesterday’s online marketing was to print.  It’s a way to make web pages so that robots understand them better. It’s immediately important, today, for making search engines send more traffic.  Artificial intelligence needs certainty when determining what conclusions to deliver: what pizza place to call, what airline has the best deals, what car is safest. There’s no better way to publish information so that tomorrow’s digital agents connect your business with tomorrow’s customers with certainty, the certainty needed to make a recommendation and sale.
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One of the Worst Myths of SEO: Popularity Drives Ranks

Does a site’s search engine rank improve from increased popularity, from more people visiting a site? 

Does Popularity Drive Ranks? This is a very common belief about SEO, but it’s really not one of the major factors that determines which webpages appear first on Google searches. It does seem intuitive that Google would consider how much traffic a site gets when it’s trying to decide whether it’s credible or not, whether it should be sent more traffic. However, this hasn’t been a useful metric for Google from the start. Once you understand how SEO works it becomes a little clearer why using traffic as a metric doesn’t necessarily help Google meet its goals.

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Top ten online marketing tactics that work today.

Top Ten Online Marketing Tactics That Work

Online marketing tactics are the specific efforts undertaken to market a service or product. These tactics might be part of a plan, a thought out marketing and advertising strategy, but they don’t have to be linked to a strategy. They’re simply the things that can be done, either planned or unplanned, to promote a brand, products or services. Tactics are the specific steps taken. They’re where the rubber hits the road and results are gained.

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Three Content Marketing Pillars of SEO: Relevance, Frequency and Authority

There are three content marketing pillars of SEO: relevance, frequency and authority. These are the classic pillars of SEO, what’s been referred to since SEO became an online marketing practice to drive qualified visitors to websites through search engines. They were the first established pillars, principles that content marketing centered around, even before social media. Understanding the importance of each principle, and keeping them in practice in your content marketing investment is important. Following these principles, the three content marketing pillars of SEO, will cause your site to rank against competition.

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using google docs for seo cornerstone

Google Drive is the Killer App for SEO Cornerstone Diagrams

Over the last couple years, the SEO strategy we’ve employed at Massive Impressions has evolved. When our clients engaged us to improve their site’s search engine ranking in 2015, a lot of our work last year was based on the content marketing principle of developing cornerstone content.

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Strengthen SEO with Massive Impressions, Boca Raton, FL

More Good Customers From SEO

guaranteed seo

Guaranteed SEO: What exactly do they mean?

Yesterday I had a telemarketer call me and try to sell me “Guaranteed SEO.” For about a half  hour on the phone the call was escalated between three tiers of their sales experts. I finally learned what the term meant. It didn’t mean what you might think it means. It certainly didn’t mean what someone in need of real SEO would want it to mean. It meant something completely backwards and contrary to anything a discriminating customer would want. Let me tell you about how it went down.

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seo easier at massive impressions 2015

We made SEO easier for our clients.

We just made SEO easier for our clients and stakeholders. Now we’ve got an online SEO Worksheet that helps marketers get started with SEO.

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