Web Based Marketing Technologies

Massive Impressions creates and sells, direct to consumer, web based marketing technologies. These include WordPress Plugins, Subscription based SaaS Applications, and technologies around Open Standards.

WordPress Plugins

Massive Impressions has been creating Plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla since 2012. Some we brand ourselves – others we will white-label for our partners. We sell and license our WordPress products on shop.massiveimpressions.com. See what we’ve got cooking now!

Art Gallery Plugin

RSS News Aggregator

Business Listing Plugin

SaaS Applications

Mi360 – Marketing Information Management System

Open Standards

Structured Data for AnalysisSamples

Structured Data for Artists

using google docs for seo cornerstone
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social media for business
We all know someone who uses their business name instead of just their real name in their social media account. Instead of "Joe Mendez" they go by the name "Joe's Plumbing" on Facebook. This isn't the way Facebook or LinkedIn is intended to be used. Having an account like this might have very negative consequences that can be avoided. You could have your hard work taken away from you when the account is terminated for going against policies. Plus, having an account like this is embarrassing; it makes it look like you don't know what you're doing.
responsive email design
For a long time email design has been stuck. Emails became boring…
We've added a new Content Marketing Story Tool to this website…